Wedding Videography by Rob Whibley (Action Wedding Videos)

As a wedding videographer for nearly two decades, Rob Whibley has honed his craft through the recording over a thousand weddings. His ultimate goal is to fully capture the loving essence of your union while remaining inconspicuous.

His jovial and well-rounded persona allows him to mingle amongst guests, coordinate efforts with your wedding photographers, and synchronise his filmography with your schedule of events. Rob also works in close collaboration with Vicars and Registrars to ensure the most important moments are memorialised on film from the best vantage points.

Capture the Elegance of Your Wedding Day and Relive it for Years to Come

As your wedding day unfolds, a discreet video camera will record it all. Whether you’d like to see your attendees’ reaction to the bride’s wedding march entrance, or you want to relive the most enchanting moments of your special day, you will have a full-length movie that has captured it all. You’ll also have the option to receive a separate video clip featuring just the day’s highlights.

We routinely receive favourable comments regarding just how unobtrusive Mr Whibley is, despite the fact he’s been filming the wedding couple and their guests throughout the entire event, recording all the best moments.

Action Wedding Videos